Light Duty Orbital Shakers from OHAUS are the ideal choice that can be trusted by users for dependable shaking on a daily basis.

OHAUS Light Duty Orbital Shakers are reliable, and have been engineered for applications involving loads of up to 4 kg. Users can optimize their sample mix by choosing from two orbits and speed ranges.

The Light Duty Shakers are available as a digital model designed to be used specifically with microplates, as two digital models dedicated to operating with accessories, as well as a non-digital cost-effective unit for everyday shaking. Triple eccentric drive systems are provided in all models to allow stable shaking with microprocessor control, for dependable shaking action.

Features of the Light Duty Orbital Shakers

Light Duty Orbital Shakers

OHAUS Light Duty Orbital Shakers have been developed to enable users to work flexibly with their applications. The shakers include the ready-to-use tray and mat, where the mat can be removed to customize the tray with more than 20 easy-to-install accessories.

Light Duty Orbital Shakers

The Light Duty Shakers are the cost-effective choice, which perform well for the day-to-day laboratory shaking requirements of users. Using the non-digital model, reliable shaking can be performed over the entire speed range with the powerful triple eccentric drive design.

Light Duty Orbital Shakers

The Microplate Shaker has been engineered to securely house up to four deep-well plates or microplates, or to install two microtube racks in a simple manner. The units gradually increase the speed to intended setpoint, to prevent splashing.

Light Duty Orbital Shakers Product Details

Applications — Immunoassays, ELISA assays, protein studies, cell cultures, blotting techniques, bacterial and yeast cultures, DNA studies, and staining/destaining

Display — Independent LED displays for speed/time are easy to read, thus enabling the operator to observe all settings at the same time (digital models). Also available are basic control knobs including dial markings for speed/time (analog models)

Operation — Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included)

Communication — Not applicable

Construction — Cast aluminum

Design features — Non-slip mat measuring 29.9 x 22.2 cm (or 11.75 x 8.75 inches) included in all models, except the Microplate Shaker

OHAUS Light Duty Orbital Shakers (EN)