Andrew Alliance’s Andrew+ liquid handling robot is a pipetting robot that uses conventional electronic pipettes.

Easy Laboratory Automation

The Andrew+ liquid handling robot has been designed based on five years of market feedback from numerous users. It has been built on the success of the Andrew Pipetting Robot. Now, using an increasing range of Andrew+ accessories, it can do more than just automate pipetting.

Andrew+ belongs to the OneLab ecosystem series, which implements laboratory protocols designed in OneLab. This flexible structure allows users to smoothly transition from difficult manual pipetting procedures to fault-free, fully robotized lab workflows — without any knowledge of laboratory robotics, programming, or automation engineering.

Controlled by OneLab

The Andrew+ liquid handling robot guarantees full traceability and reproducibility of biological experiments using a highly intuitive browser-based software setting. OneLab allows researchers to graphically design their own pipetting procedures in minutes and implement them directly in any laboratory around the world, even permitting the remote monitoring of experiments that are still in process.

Single and Multi-Channel Pipetting

The Andrew+ liquid handler uses single and multichannel electronic pipettes, guaranteeing the best liquid handling performance and highest flexibility. The Andrew Alliance smart electronic pipettes are produced by Sartorius, based on their popular Picus range — the industry gold standard from the pioneers of the electronic pipette.

Any Andrew Alliance pipette can be employed by the Andrew+ pipetting robot, allowing better flexibility in the type of liquid handling experiments that can be tested, ensuring greater experiment reproducibility, pipetting speed, and a commercially leading dynamic range of dispensing volumes for a liquid handling robot — from 0.2 µL up to 10 mL.

Andrew+ is Compact

The liquid handling robot has been engineered to fit most lab benches and hoods. Andrew+, even with two full rows of Dominos (allowing the use of 56 falcon tubes, 7 microplates, or 168 microtubes) occupies only a depth of ~60 cm/24″, enabling it to be fitted into even the smallest of hoods. The liquid handler’s exclusive compact size and design also allow it to be positioned in a refrigerator and run at a temperature of 4 °C.

Flexible Working Deck and Tools for all Requirements

Besides pipetting liquids, the Andrew+ liquid handler can carry out a broad range of complicated experimental steps like column grabbing. The use of a variety of laboratory tools by the Andrew+ liquid handling robot is additionally supported by an ever-expanding range of Dominos: a modular solution that allows Andrew+ to use a wide range of consumables.

More Reasons to Adopt Andrew+


Laboratory automation eliminates a majority of human errors, resulting in more dependable data and better productivity. Along with full integration inside OneLab, all experimental data from Andrew+ will be recorded and stored, thus enhancing the data analysis and the traceability of experiments.


Andrew+ uniquely integrates the flexibility of single channel pipetting (0.2 μL–10 mL) with the improved throughput of multichannel pipetting. This is not feasible with the majority of commercial liquid handlers. Furthermore, Andrew+ minimizes the need for more experiments because of pipetting mistakes.

Promoting Health

Pipetting involves repetitive movements (of up to 500 times daily for the average operator) that can cause musculoskeletal disorders such as repetitive strain injury. Andrew+ removes physical stress to professionals while decreasing the risk of exposure to toxic materials used in some experimental processes.