Live Cell AMF System for In Vitro Time Lapse Imaging from nanoTherics

The desire among researchers to perform in vitro time lapse imaging while exposing live cells to an alternating magnetic field has increased over the past decade.

Nanotherics has now conquered the difficulties involved in performing such experiments and is launching the Live Cell AMF System for in vitro time lapse imaging.

The ergonomic design of this setup enables the user to mount it on any type of microscope worldwide compatible with 6/24/96 tissue culture plate.

The setup can be connected to any magneTherm system, both old and new, which means that all existing users can still use this unique setup.

The setup enables physiological temperature control and a 5 % CO2 atmosphere so that the cells can grow uninterrupted for the required time scale.

The setup allows microscope experiments with AMF exposure at frequencies ranging from 100 kHz to 1 MHz with a field amplitude of up to 20 mT.