Low Air Loss Mattress for Superior Comfort

Select Medical’s Pure Air 10 is a true Low Air Loss mattress. It offers excellent comfort, for those who are being cared for, across both community and acute healthcare settings.

Deliberately placed micro air loss holes, as well as a high-tech and efficient blower, keep the patient cool and dry. The mattress helps to reduce interface pressures by comfortably positioning the Cared For onto the support surface.

It is ideal for all patients, including those at high risk of getting a pressure ulcer or for those who already have tissue damage.

Microclimate Control

The mattress is provided with 20 air cells, all including micro air loss holes, thus offering a cool and dry microclimate. This helps keep moisture to a minimum, thereby reducing the danger of moisture lesions and preserving skin integrity.

Moreover, interface pressures are minimized as the Cared For are enveloped into the mattress.

Enhanced Durability

Sturdy, tough PU air cell construction, together with a dependable control unit and welded cover seams, offers numerous years of nonstop care.

It is ideal for the most challenging environments, particularly community loan stores and NHS hospital equipment pools.

Dartex Cover

The Dartex Performance range helps minimize the risk of the formation of pressure ulcers. It offers an excellent barrier against fluid ingress. It keeps a healthy microclimate and stops hammocking of the fabric.

Safety Features

Seat Mode

This mode offers additional support when the Cared For are seated, making sure that they do not “bottom out.”

Auto-Firm with Auto-Return

Auto-firm allows safer patient transfers, while auto-return guarantees the surface is not left in firm-mode accidentally.

Audible Low Pressure and Power Failure Alert

An audible signal sounds, and an indicator flashes if the pressure becomes excessively low while functioning, or if power is cut.

Automatic Function Lockout

This feature automatically locks out all operations 2 minutes after a function change, thus ensuring buttons are not clicked unintentionally.

Pure Air 10 Features

  • 20 air cells
  • Depth of 10″, with 8″ air cell and 2″ integral foam
  • Welded, Dartex multi-stretch vapor-permeable and waterproof cover
  • Durable nylon/PU air cell construction
  • Machine-washable cover up to 95 °C
  • Control Panel lock
  • Audible power failure alert
  • Audible low pressure alert
  • CPR for quick deflation
  • Alert mute
  • External, easy-replacement pump filters
  • Seat mode
  • Auto-firm with auto-return
  • Three-year warranty (conditional on annual service)