Lumat LB 9508 Single Tube Luminometer from Berthold

Already in its 3rd generation the Lumat³ offers the functionality, versatility and superior performance you can expect from an instrument developed by Berthold Technologies.

Maintaining the achievements of the prior generations like true single photon counting detector, frictionless JET injectors and the sample turret the Lumat³ sets a new standard with the ICE user software. Wizard guided protocol definition, intuitive operation and especially today´s expectations for data transfer and storage are achievements every user will benefit.



True photon counting technology coupled with selected low noise photomultipliers and an optimised optical design is the only accepted way to achieve a low and stable background. This is a major parameter for high sensitivity in a luminescence measuring system enabling detection of extremely low amounts of analyte

  • less than 1 amol ATP per vial
  • less than 0.5 zmol Firefly luciferase per vial

ICE Software

The ICE software Research version supports ratio calculation for reporter gene applications, ADP and ATP determinations and kinetics functionality enzyme activities. Point-to-point curve fitting enables simple work with standard curves.

The ease of use during protocol creation, measurement and data export has been achieved with the wizard-driven and clearly structured software.

Unique Sample Loading – the Turret

The measurement chamber is designed to enable rotating sample transport. You can load a second sample while the first one is being measured, thus saving time which results in throughputs approaching those of an automatic instrument. The special design of measurement chamber provides superior light collection efficiency and contributes to the outstanding sensitivity.