LyoConstellation Development & Pilot Freeze Dryers provide the largest process space in their class, allowing development of highly aggressive cycles. Each unit can hold 100 mTorr while shelves are at +40 ⁰C fully loaded. Equipped and controlled as a production system, LyoConstellation offers the same software and technology options as smaller systems for a seamless approach to scale-up while being designed for line integration – including being isolator-ready and suitable for clean room installation.

Available in three shelf sizes: 1 m, 2 m and 3 m, LyoConstellation lyophilizers are configured to order for faster than average market delivery.

LyoConstellation offers a comprehensive range of options for secure, best manufacturing practices for high-value products, including controlled ice nucleation, fluid condenser cooling and large diameter vapor ports for high flow.

Showcasing SP’s Line of Sight technologies, the LyoConstellation is available with ControLyo Technology, Tempris wireless temperature sensors and (SMART) LyoFlux TDLAS mass flow measurement.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 3 shelf sizes cover cycle development, stability, pilot and clinical batch production, through full aseptic production
  • S10 – 6 shelves, S20 – 5 shelves, S30 8 shelves
  • Accommodates vials up to 30ml
  • SIP & CIP as standard
  • Full suite of PAT tools and technologies enables a Line of Sight approach in cycle development and scale-up for easiest technology transfer to assure product safety and quality in production
    • LyoFlux TDLAS mass flow measurement and inference of critical data
    • ControLyo ice nucleation
  • Integrates with PennTech filling line and semi-automatic loading system
  • Isolator ready with auto locking doors
  • F Gas compliant
  • Validation ports in chamber and condenser as standard
  • LyoS 2.0 software with 21 CFR part 11 compliant signatures