M Series SIP Fermenter from Solaris

The M Series are steam in place bioreactors - fermenters available in a range of volumes from 5 up to 200 litres. These Pilot and Industrial Bioreactors - Fermenters are fermentation systems with high automatization level, in situ sterilisable, they have been designed in order to satisfy the fermentation needs of pilot and production scale, providing excellent performances in terms of compactness, control technology and ease of installation.


  • Instrumentation (sensors inclusive) for control and measurement of pH, Eh, dO2, CO2, RPM, Gas Mixing, Temperature, Antifoam, Feeds, turbidity, weight,etc
  • SCADA Control System
  • Software management data - trends
  • Designed for microbial and cell fermentation
  • Complete range of accessories
  • Mechanic or magnetic agitation system