M125 Stereo Microscope from Leica

The modular Leica M125 fully apochromatic corrected stereomicroscope with 12.5:1 zoom allows a wide sample overview and structural detail down to 1.15µm resolution, which is ideal for analyzing plastics, inspecting printed circuit boards, or presorting mechanical components. 

Fully apochromatic corrected optics produce high contrast, natural color images without color fringes or chromatic aberrations.   


Standard magnification

Standard magnification of 8x-100x 12.5:1 zoom range combines a wide sample overview and detailed imaging in one instrument.

High resolution imaging

PlanApochromatic 1x objective with 432lp/mm – detailed view of microstructures combined with large working distance provides convenient high resolution imaging for inspection and analysis.

Apochromatic corrected optics

Fully apochromatic corrected optics – High contrast images viewed in natural colors especially for documentation.