The MFP-3D-BIO provides the highest sensitivity and most accurate images and measurements possible on an inverted optical platform. The NPS™ closed loop nanopositioning sensors on all three axes ensure distortion-free images on samples as small as proteins and as large as cells – in both air and liquid. The MFP-3D measures the cantilever deflection to better than 20pm (8pm typical) without artifacts, making the MFP-3D ideal for force measurements such as unfolding single molecules or probing cell mechanics.

From single molecule contour lengths to mammalian cell volumes, your published results are only as good as the data you acquire. The MFP-3D provides a truly quantitative three-dimensional map of your sample – a necessity for accurate measurements you can trust. Asylum’s superior sensor and flexure stage technology coupled with our intuitive control software also gives you the ability to zoom and offset with a single mouse click - even from a previously captured image. Independent lateral (X-Y) and vertical (Z) positioning stages eliminate the crosstalk errors common to systems using tip-scanners. And the large Z range (up to 40µm) enables imaging of tall samples and cells, force curves on highly adhesive soft materials like gels, and other challenging applications. All standard AFM scanning modes are supported, including contact mode with lateral force, AC mode with phase, and advanced modes such as Dual AC™, nanomanipulation, nanoindentation and more.