MICROFLEX® MidKnight™ 93-862: Disposable Gloves for Fentanyl Protection

Ansell offers black disposable gloves called MICROFLEX® MidKnightTM XTRA 93-862,  that come with an extended cuff and a rugged design to ensure protection in adverse surroundings.

The dark color of the gloves helps hide the appearance of grime, grease, and dirt while making it easy to view lighter colored materials and tools.

This means that when the MICROFLEX® MidKnight™ XTRA disposable gloves are worn, they also make it easy to view potentially dangerous light-colored substances.

The black disposable gloves have been demonstrated to withstand fentanyl for up to 240 minutes. They also fulfill the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1999) emergency medical operations Standard on Protective Clothing and Ensembles, making them the perfect NFPA-certified gloves for maintenance workers, law enforcement officers, emergency medical professionals, and others who face a risk of inadvertent exposure to fentanyl.

MICROFLEX® MidKnight™ 93-862: Disposable Gloves for Fentanyl Protection

Image Credit: Ansell.

The MICROFLEX® MidKnightTM XTRA gloves are produced from a soft yet robust nitrile to ensure long-lasting and comfortable protection during accidental chemical splashes.

The fully textured gloves help wearers to confidently grip materials and tools. These gloves are NFPA certified and have an extended cuff to provide extra protection over the forearm and wrist. These are also medical exam-grade gloves certified for use by healthcare professionals.

Key features and benefits

  • Easily visible when hands make contact with possibly dangerous powders due to their dark, black color
  • Tested against both gastric acid (vomit) and fentanyl to simulate extreme, “real world” overdose conditions
  • An extended cuff offers additional protection over the forearm and wrist
  • Fully textured for a consistent and reliable grip
  • Made with a flexible, soft nitrile formulation

Primary industries

  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Automotive
  • Correctional facilities
  • Chemical
  • Healthcare
  • Emergency medical services
  • Life sciences
  • Law enforcement
  • Manufacturing
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Transportation
  • Waste disposal and recycling

Recommended for

  • Standard patient examinations
  • Administering drugs
  • Overdose situations
  • Equipment, repair, and maintenance
  • Additional protection over the wrist and arm
  • Inspection of equipment and  parts
  • Emergency services
  • Positioning patients
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Raw material sample collection
  • Fluids, oil, and filter change
  • General purpose auto aftermarket
  • Paint shop


Table 1. Source: Ansell

S (6.5 - 7) 93862070 100 gloves per dispenser; 10 dispensers per case; 1000 gloves per case
M (7.5 - 8) 93862080
L (8.5 - 9) 93862090
XL (9.5 - 10) 93862100
XXL (10.5 - 11) 93862110


Product details

Table 2. Source: Ansell

. .
Material Nitrile
Color Black
Cuff length Extended
Powder content Powder-free
External glove surface Fully textured
Freedom from holes (inspection level 1) 0.65 AQL
Palm thickness (mm/mil) 0.12 / 4.7
Finger thickness (mm/mil) 0.16 / 6.3
Allergy prevention Latex (type 1)
Available sizes S (6.5 - 7), M (7.5 - 8), L (8.5 - 9), XL (9.5 - 10), XXL (10.5 - 11)
Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs No
Silicone free Yes
Sterile No
Antistatic Yes
Double gloving recommendation No
Glove length (mm/inches) 300 / 12
Product segmentation High risk


Standards and certifications

  • ASTM D6319
  • EC 1935/2004; EC 2002/72; EC 2023/2006
    J K P T
  • EN 420:2003 + A1:2009
  • EN 455 1-4
  • FDA21 CFR 177-2600; NFPA 1999:2018