MIR series Lab Incubator from Panasonic

Panasonic’s MIR series Lab Incubator is recognized as excellent lab incubator and Microbiological Incubator suitable for a wide range of laboratory incubator applications. These Laboratory Incubators have a temperature range of from Ambient + 50C to +800C. The MIR-162 and MIR-263 series of Microbiological Incubators are available in 93L and 153L sizes respectively. Both Incubators are heated via an air jacket to provide superior temperature uniformity without the requirement for fan circulation. The absence of a fan also helps reduce evaporation from cultures and reduces the drying out of agar plates.

Panasonic Scientific Incubator:  Features

  • Heated scientific incubator / lab  incubator of 93 or 153 liters incubator chamber sizes.
  • Stable (PID), flexible (three step programming and temperature range between ambient + 5°C to 80°C, (AT 20°C).
  • A multi-purpose lab incubator which is very dependable and  frequently used in hospitals, research, food industry, water treatment and microbiology.

Panasonic Scientific Incubator:  Precise Temperature Control

  • High precision microprocessor controller with  P.I.D. heater control
  • Temperature range ambient +  5°C~ 80°C, (AT 20°C)
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.2 at +37°C
  • Temperature uniformity ±1°C