Magnetic Therapy Devices for Professionals

The new generation of magnetic therapy devices from Biomag continues to raise the standards in pulsed magnetic field therapy to greater heights.

The new therapeutical Biomag magnetic therapy devices use the most sophisticated technologies, thus delivering high efficiency, together with organized and advanced firmware layout that satisfies every member of medical staff. Thus, the use of pulsed Biomag magnetic therapy has turned out to be much more convenient than earlier.

Biomag Lumina Clinic

High-power output and two programs at the same time Easy to operate for medical staff
Four outputs for applicators, each output offers power up to 51 mT (510 Gauss) 107 programs. Text diagnoses to be selected by jump-entry — by entering their number on the touch screen
Patented 3D pulses of the magnetic field ensure a frequency of up to 162 Hz Can be brought to patients thanks to its powerful battery

Adapted to Your Viewing Angle

The Biomag Lumina magnetic therapy device has been designed to guarantee convenient and intuitive control by medical staff. The device can easily be operated by physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists. Medical staff will not only value the extensive menu of therapeutical programs, but also the ergonomic design and the quick and easy control.

magnetic therapy devices

Biomag Magnetic Therapy: High Efficacy, Quality, and Satisfied Users

Biomag magnetic therapy devices and applicators exhibit high efficacy of treatment programs. For a number of years, their superior-quality construction has enabled them to serve professionals across the globe. Happy customers have always been the top priority for Biomag.

magnetic therapy devices

Application Stand for Biomag Magnetic Therapy

The usable accessories, as well as the broad range of fixation parts and applicators, have made the use of pulsed magnetic therapy easy and convenient for patients and medical staff.

magnetic therapy devices

Therapeutic Bed for SL70

The SL70 solenoid bed and solenoid enable medical staff and patients to enjoy great comfort in providing and receiving Biomag pulse magnetotherapy.

The patient just needs to lie on the bed, and the magnetotherapy applicator — solenoid SL70 — is moved to the required application.

Execution of the Biomag magnetotherapy application has never been so easy or comfortable.

Therapeutic Bed for SL70

Features and Key Technical Parameters of the Biomag Lumina Clinic Magnetic Therapy

  • Color touch display
  • Automated selection of favorite programs
  • Patented 3D rotary magnetic pulses
  • Option to operate two programs simultaneously
  • Four outputs for applicators
  • Frequency of produced pulses is 1–162 Hz
  • Pulse shapes: rounded, triangular, pike, rectangular
  • Modifiable application times: 5–120 minutes
  • Battery operation enables on-site usage on patients — the device can be operated for about 2 hours and 40 minutes, if all four outputs are used
  • Opportunity to develop and name user programs
  • Supply voltage of 100–240 V at 50/60 Hz together with the option to connect cables matching the region of use
  • Audio alarm when the application ends
  • Device menu and application instructions in 13 international languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, German, Russian, French, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese
Biomag Lumina Clinic Magnetic Therapy