Magnetic Therapy Sets from Biomag

The Biomag® Lumina NT set has been specifically designed for whole-body rehabilitation. But it can also be utilized for diagnoses that specify the need for nerve and vascular systems as well as the entire metabolism to be impacted.

In addition, the Biomag® Lumina NT set is ideal for accelerated regeneration after sports activities and for muscle relief before massages.

Set Lumina NT

The Biomag® Lumina FS set comes with the most sophisticated Biomag applicators. These accessories make the set suitable for the broadest and most comfortable use of 3D Biomag magnetic therapy applications. The Lumina FS set contains the AL16-LUM local applicator and the patented pillow 3D applicator, with a combination of therapeutic light as well as the healing pulsed field.

Set Lumina FS

The Biomag® Lumina MD set—the most ideal set meant for contemporary sites—fulfills many requirements for using patented 3D Biomag magnetic therapy. This makes the Lumina MD set ideal for clinics, modern hospital centers, rehabilitation centers, and large sports-relaxation centers.

Set Lumina MD

Customers can choose from Biomag Medical’s extensive product range and sets; alternatively, the company can recommend the set that suits them best.

Bag for the Lumina MD set

Bag for the Lumina ES set

Bag for the Lumina FS set

Bag for the Lumina FR set

Bag for the Lumina NT set

Both applicators and devices of the Biomag magnetic therapy given above are popular with customers, mainly because of their versatility and the broad range of medical indications.

Biomag Medical can arrange customized combinations of applicators and devices of the Biomag magnetic therapy, based on specific requirements of the user. The company provides the most extensive range of applicators and devices available on the market.

Consultants at Biomag Medical or authorized partner firms will be happy to recommend the most ideal combination (set) for customers’ particular medical indications.