Manual and Automated Dosing of Fluids with Programmable Multifunction Pump

For Higher Efficiency, Flexibility, and Safety

The Systec Mediaprep, a programmable multifunction pump, can be used for the automated or manual dosing of fluids.

The electronically controlled peristaltic pump offers practical functionality and simple operation. The system operates with an accuracy of ± 0.5 %, as dosing volume can be set from 0.1 ml to 99,999.9 ml. The pump also enables reproducible results because of its automatic calibration. Individual programs that allow the selection of particular parameters are available as a substitute to the simple manual filling process.

Even at high flow rates that surpass 2,500 ml/minute, a strong precision roller mechanism ensures maximum possible dosing accuracy, with the roller head guaranteeing a continuous flow of fluid with minimum pulsation. The Systec Mediapump is also mainly useful for filling Petri dishes with hot and viscous media.

Dosing, Diluting and Dispensing - Fully Automated, Fast, and Precise

Thanks to the well-thought-out design, the Systec Mediapump can also be combined into automated processes. It offers a high degree of flexibility as diverse tube sets can be programmed and used in a reproducible manner. An advanced tube bed mechanism streamlines the task of switching the tube sets. All the operations are evidently displayed on the touchscreen of the Systec Mediapump, along with a permanent display of the various parameters.

The touchscreen allows the selection of several languages and color settings. It is suitable for use with the Systec Mediaprep media preparators.


  • Easy to service modular construction and compact design
  • The novel tube bed mechanism allows tube sets to be rapidly switched
  • Simple and easy to use as a result of the clear layout of the operator panel
  • Automatic calibration allows results to be reproduced
  • Superior quality industrial touchscreen
  • Mechanism for filling the tube at the start of the filling process
  • Double roller pump head together with an improved tube bed ensures maximum precision (+/- 0.5%) and a long operating life for the tubes
  • Reverse pump function hinders media from gelling in the tube set if the pump is out of use for prolonged periods
  • Manual operation of Start and Stop function using either hand or foot switch
  • Fully flexible stand with a holder for the discharge nozzle
  • Smooth housing surfaces composed of stainless steel are easy to wipe clean and sterilize


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Pump mechanic 2-channel pulley head with DC high-efficiency engine
Metered volume 0,1 - 99999,9 ml
Accuracy +/- 0,5%
Conveyor capability > 2500 ml/min
Database 45 disk spaces, arbitrary
Input voltage 85 - 264 VAC (47 - 63 Hz)
Power 100 W
Cutouts Net 2 x 2,5 A
Dimensions 240 (B) x 290 (H) x 230 (T)
Hose sets ID 3-8 mm