Mast Uri System for Microbiological Analysis of Urine Samples

An innovative, rapid and economical, semi-automated laboratory solution for the microbiological analysis of urine samples to aid the diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTI).

In comparison to traditional bacterial culture based methodologies, the Mast Uri® System offers higher throughputs, simplified processing and faster turnaround times, all for significantly reduced costs.


  • Identify positive urine samples
  • Eliminate negative urine samples


  • Inoculate 96 urines in < 15 mins
  • Read and report 96 urines in approx 30 mins
  • Re-allocate up to 50% of staff time


  • Generate antibiotic susceptibility results
  • Identify pathogenic bacteria
  • Report mixed cultures
  • Report >95% urines within 24 hours

The Mast Uri® System comprises:

  • Mast Uri® Plus automated plate reader and sample analyser
  • Mast Uri® Well dispensing aid with 96 LED template for sample transfer
  • Mast Uri® Dot multiple sample inoculator
  • Mast Uri® Plates: 96-well plate format pre-poured media plates for bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST)