Mecmesin’s Vortex-i Computer-Controlled Torque Tester Systems

Optimized for measuring static and rotary torque up to 10 N.m, the versatile Vortex-i is ideal for running sophisticated routines for more demanding product and material tests. With our top-of-the-range Vortex-i systems you gain full programmable control and comprehensive evaluation tools for performing a vast array of torque tests.

Use the Helixa for High Precision Torque Testing

The Helixa is designed for very exacting torque measurement, down to just a few mN.m. It is ideally suited for delicate or finely engineered products and assemblies, as found in the cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Emperor™ Software Enables You to:

  • Build your own test program
  • Gain accurate test data
  • Evaluate results in-depth
  • Create test reports

Vortex-i systems are used in conjunction with our comprehensive range of intelligent torque cells (ITCs), which provide automatic recognition of I.D. and calibration data and are easily interchangeable to suit the load you wish to measure. Excellent resolution and outstanding accuracy come as standard.

Emperor™ Software

Emperor's flexible programming structure gives you the freedom to design and customise tests to suit your specific requirements. With almost limitless capabilities, you can trust this software will provide detailed information about your tests, enabling you to evaluate your products performance throughout its life-cycle.

Increase Test Productivity with Our Automated Test Systems

If you require test automation we have a solution for you. Designed to eliminate operator error, improve test consistency and reduce costs in time and labour, our torque test systems are combined with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and customised material handling equipment to create automated test systems tailored to suit your specific test application.