Medi-Therm Hyper-Hypothermia System from Stryker

The Medi-Therm Hyper/Hypothermia System helps regulate patient temperature through a state-of-the-art microprocessor control. Separate heating and cooling reservoirs deliver rapid thermal response. The rate-controlled warming option allows caregivers to progressively increase temperature and reliably stabilize patient temperature at a selected set point.


  • Non-invasive, catheter-free procedure
  • Dual over-temperature monitoring system
  • Integrated safety precautions prevent over-cooling
  • Maintenance-free rate-controlled warming with rapid initiation
  • Thermal regulating system supplies warm or cold water at controlled temperatures
  • Six cooling and warming automatic control options
  • Large-button control pane with LED screen
  • Rapr.Round body wraps available in pre-sized kits