In 2005, A&D created the first hybrid traditional style sphygmomanometer in the world. The UM-102 is the 2nd generation model of this device, and the company offers two versions.

Version A – A flat folding version to facilitate easy transportation and storage, making it suitable for domiciliary visits.

Version B – An upright version that can be stand mounted, also suitable for use on desktops as it occupies minimal space.


  • Auscultatory blood pressure measurement
  • Durable and chemical-resistant body – for easy cleaning complying with hospital infection control standards
  • Full ABS housing lightweight body
  • Digital display for pulse rate
  • Handy cuff holder and grip for carrying
  • Modifiable display column for easier examination of result
  • Professional cuff with 5 cuff sizes – spanning 12 cm through to 50 cm
  • Anti-glare display to reduce reflected light
  • ESH Clinically Validated
  • Easy battery replacement


As a top manufacturer of digital blood pressure monitors, A&D takes conservation of the environment very seriously and has developed the first non-mercury traditional style sphygmomanometer in the world. This universal effort to eliminate the use of mercury is covered in the “Minamata Convention on Mercury”, and A&D are happy to be related to this Government and industry-led crusade.

Its predecessor, the revolutionary UM-101 has been used in numerous clinical trials over the year, one of the most recent autonomous trials was into finding, “a suitable replacement for mercury sphygmomanometry to measure blood pressure (BP) accurately in normal and hypertensive pregnancy.”

The trial established that the UM-101, “auscultatory hybrid sphygmomanometer is more accurate than the automated oscillometric device in pregnancy, specifically in hypertensive pregnancies. It is an acceptable replacement for mercury sphygmomanometry in pregnancy.”