Meros TCU-125 from Dolomite

The Meros TCU-125 from Dolomite is an advanced temperature controller for microfluidic chips and other devices. It can provide extremely accurate control of a fixed temperature from 1 °C to 125 °C with rapid temperature ramps.


Features and Benefits

  • Accurate and stable: Stability ±1 °C
  • Fast ramp rates: Temperature ramps up to 2 °C/s
  • Compact: Only 11 cm (4¼") wide
  • Flexible: Accepts 100s of chip designs and other devices
  • Easy to use: Plug and play
  • Versatile: Can be integrated with a larger microfluidic system, such as pumps, sensors, valves etc.
  • Inexpensive: Ideal for academic or industrial applications
  • Robust: Chemically resistant and reliable