MicroFill Automated Dispenser from BioTek

MicroFill™ offers an economical, compact, and reliable alternative to existing microplate dispensers. Accurate and precise dispensing are guaranteed without the time-consuming recalibration, cassette replacement, and maintenance commonly associated with other dispensers available today. Autoclavability is standard available for those applications requiring a sterile fluid path.

Using BioTek's vast expertise in liquid handling, MicroFill™ incorporates a microprocessor controlled syringe pump for optimal performance. 24-, 96- and 384-well standard microplates and deep well blocks are accommodated with flexible volume ranges from 5 µL to 6,000 µL per well. MicroFill's compact footprint makes it ideally suited to fit inside laminar flow cabinets. The user-controlled dispense flow rates allow low- to high-velocity dispensing for any application.


  • Robot compatible carrier accommodates 24-, 96- and 384-well standard and deep well microplates
  • Microprocessor-controlled syringe pump guarantees optimal precision and accuracy
  • No recalibration required
  • Low-maintenance design with BioTek's long history of liquid handling instruments
  • User-controlled dispense flow rates for low- to high-velocity dispensing
  • Up to 75 programs stored in multiple languages at the touch of a button
  • Built-in maintenance routines