Micronic's 1.40 ml Tubes Ext. Thread Hybrid

The 1.40 ml Hybrid tube provides a unique solution to identify samples. The transparent part of the tube walls enable easy visual checking of the sample, while the 4 coding concepts guarantee sample traceability. The 4 different coding concepts on one tube anable researchers to verify information and keep identifying samples when automated or visual sample identification methods are challenging.

The triple screw thread of the tubes gives an excellent closure for long-term sample preservation and storage at ultra-low temperatures. To prevent the screw cap from overturning - manually or mechanically - the cap is designed with a unique lock when sealed. The sturdy design and thick walls of the tube make it possible to safely store samples at cryogenic temperatures.

Inner tube shape
Working volume (+21 ÂșC)
Tube height in rack
Temperature range
: Highest purity Polypropylene
: U-bottom
: 1.20 ml
: 49.0 mm (without cover)
: Vapor phase LN2

Superior Features

  • Combining 4 coding concepts on one tube
  • White bottom and side walls cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to a unique injection molding technique
  • Made from medical approved Polypropylene (CE-IVD)
  • 1D, 2D and human-readable codes are permanently laser-etched into white surfaces
  • Standard available in bulk and Micronic ULT Rack
  • Compatible with Screw Cap Recappers and automated systems
  • Triple start thread for optimal sealing qualityTriple start thread for optimal sealing quality
  • Screw cap cannot be overturned due to unique lock when sealed
  • Improved sample integrity due to external thread (cross-contamination is minimized)
  • Produced in certified class-7 clean rooms
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free
  • Thick tube walls, sturdy design and excellent properties for ultra low temperature storage

Available Options

  • Sterile, gamma radiated (15 kGy Avg.) or EtO treated
  • Precapped with Screw Cap
  • Customized 2D Data-Matrix tube code and 1D rack barcode