Microwave-Assisted Radiolabeling in the Hot Cell with the PETWave

The advantages of microwave heating in comparison to regular synthesis methods are as follows:

  • Better reproducibility
  • Greater yields
  • Faster reaction times
  • Enhanced reaction control
  • Improved purity

Advances in microwave technology mean it is now a frequently used asset for chemical synthesis both in industry and academia.

PETWave - Microwave-Assisted Radiolabeling in the Hot Cell

Enhance purity profiles for 11C, 18F, and 68Ga labeling chemistries, open up new reaction pathways, and increase radiochemical yields dramatically. The PETwave supplies the advantages of microwave heating into the hot cell by splitting the cavity from the magnetron and control system to provide a small-footprint system appropriate for routine application and hands-free manipulation.

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