Pall Mini Profile Capsule Filters have been designed for small volume production and scale-up evaluation. These scalable capsule filters are available in two media types to complement and extend the range of depth filters available in the Pall UpScaleSM Program.

They can be used for a wide range of applications including clarification of biological products.

Pall Profile II filters are all-polypropylene depth filter elements, featuring tapered pores that narrow to an inner (downstream) absolute-rated section. This thick depth structure provides high-capacity for larger solids and gels as well as for fine particles.

Profile Star filter cartridges feature high-area star-shaped pleat construction. The patented design combines the advantages of depth filters with the high flow rates of high-area pleated filters.


  • Can be used in scale-up evaluation
  • Capsule format for ease of use
  • Choice of high void-volume depth medium or high-area pleated depth filter
  • Absolute particle-rated for reliability
  • Low hold-up volumes
  • Broad chemical compatibilities
  • Optimized for viscous fluids
  • Excellent gel removal
  • Higher flows and throughputs
  • Easy to use self-venting format
  • Pharmaceutical P optimized grades with Certificate of Test provides batch traceability
  • Low extractables and low protein-binding
  • Manufactured under clean conditions in a controlled environment