Miniaturized Patch Clamp System - Port-a-Patch

The Port-a-Patch is a miniaturized patch clamp system from Nanion Technologies that supports giga-seal recordings from a single cell at a time. It provides easy and quick access to superior quality patch clamp data with very little training. Besides being a robust research tool, it is also suitable for rapid tests of ion channels and cells, as well as educational purposes.

The advantages of the Port-a-Patch are listed below:

  • Whole-cell and perforated patch clamp
  • Temperature control
  • Internal and external perfusion
  • Voltage and current clamp
  • Chips made in-house and multiple resistances available (can be tailored on demand)
  • Voltage and ligand-gated ion channels
  • R-series compensation
  • High success rates with cell lines; stem cells and primary cells can also be used
  • User-friendly, only minimal training is necessary
  • Parameters can be adjusted during experiments for quick and efficient assay development
  • Limitless compound applications

The Port-a-Patch can be used simply and directly—users can just add cells and solutions onto the disposable recording chip, where a cell is automatically trapped and sealed by suction using a computer-controlled pump. A microscope or micro-manipulator is not necessary.

The Port-a-Patch system includes a computer, a HEKA amplifier, a suction control unit, and the Port-a-Patch recording unit. If an amplifier is already present, this can be combined with the Port-a-Patch system in a majority of cases. Additional add-ons such as microscope slides, temperature control, or automated perfusion systems are available for particular assays.