High Performance and Versatile Multilabel Reader

Mithras LB 940 is a modular and reliable microplate multimode reader with outstanding performance. Renowned for its sensitivity and robustness especially in luminescence and BRET measurements the reader supports all important reading technologies including

  • Luminescence
  • BRET and BRET2
  • Fluorescence (top and bottom)
  • FRET
  • Fluorescence Polarisation (FP)
  • UV/VIS Absorbance
  • AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA®
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence
  • HTRF®


Built-in Reagent Injectors

Up to 4 reagent injectors can be set up to dispense multiple activators or detection reagents at any time and with user-adjustable volumes during the measurement. Berthold Technologies´ injectors are based on the proprietary JET Injection technology. Superior accuracy and precision is combined with excellent mixing performance. Variable injections speeds and "friendly" material enable even injection of live cells (e.g. in Aequorin based GPCR screening).

Three of the injector tips are located in reading position enabling the measurement of very fast labels, e.g. Acridinium esters, and to inject activators into a running kinetic.

Waste Pump

Excess fluids from priming and washing procedures are safely discarded via an automatic waste pump.

Temperature Control

A temperature controlled microplate compartment  ensures stable conditions whenever temperature sensitive enzymes or cells are in use.

Automatic Plate Height Adjustment (Z Optimization)

The plate height adjustment module detects the height of the plate used and automatically adjusts the measurement optics for it. There is no need any more for users to perform time-consuming Z-scans. Besides optimising the focus of the excitation beam it also ensures there will be no crosstalk from adjacent wells.