FEI Morgagni Transmission Electron Microscope from TSS Microscopy

FEI Morgagni Transmission Electron Microscope from TSS Microscopy

The FEI Morgagni 268(D) provides a great value-for-the-money transmission electron microscope (TEM) that is adaptable, easy-to-use and delivers excellent image quality. Ideal for multi-user environments focused on cell biological processes and pharmaceutical testing, the Morgagni TEM is cost-effective and provides simplicity of operation and excellent imaging quality.

The Morgagni TEM is an affordable, state-of-the-art transmission electron microscope that offers remarkable ease-of-use, yet meets the stringent application demands in the areas of cell biological research and diagnostic screening as well as pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

The Morgani TEM is perfectly suited for studying underlying fundamental cell biological processes, as part of pathological and physiological pathways or pharmaceutical tests for new medications. For retrieval of data, the Morgagni is set for fast and easy, high-quality image acquisition and analysis.

Its ease of use makes it a very attractive imaging tool for multi-user scientific environments such as universities and institutes, where many people with varying levels of experience levels share one instrument to perform their work.

The Morgagni TEM is powerful, secure and reliable, and ensures that occasional and regular users can obtain the highest quality images without going through unnecessarily complicated procedures. In fact, once the Morgagni is set, your research session can be completed almost fully automatically.

Using the newly composed and software-controlled user interface, it's now easier than ever to achieve the results you desire with simplicity and ease. The Morgagni user interface consists of seven, fixed set-up pages, which are defined according to specified functionalities (vacuum, high tension, column, stage, camera, alignment and service).

At the bottom of the screen is the status bar where basic information on the microscope status is displayed, e.g. the magnification, high tension, stage position and exposure time.  All functions can be customized to accommodate different levels of user-experience.