Motion Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids from Siemens

The Siemens Motion® has all the features needed in one intelligent hearing aid—easy to handle controls, rechargeable options, wireless connectivity, and durability.

Motion's amazing clarity and ease combine to help focus on what’s important. Its advanced technology has automatic learning that adjusts itself to the needs and hearing preferences. And if wanted to manually change the volume or switch programs, intuitive, easy-to-use onboard controls allow to spend less time fussing with the hearing aids. The battery compartment was also designed with ease of handling in mind. Easy handling and superb sound combine to let enjoy the sound of life.


  • Motion SX and PX are rechargeable for hassle-free handling
  • IP67-rated with nanocoating that protects from dirt, sweat, and moisture
  • Intuitive onboard controls for simple volume and program adjustment
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Fully-featured for utmost comfort
  • Exchangeable colors
  • Connects with Tek® and miniTek® wireless systems
  • Comfort, convenience, versatility, and easy listening