Motorized Tilting Objective Unit

The motorized tilting module from Femtonics offers higher freedom to access the sample from different angles by rotating the objective. A piezo-objective positioner provided in the module facilitates additional movement of the objective in the Z direction.


Innovative surgical techniques that use miniature prisms or grin lenses enable deep structures within the brain to be optically investigated. These technologies can be implemented in a highly improved way with the help of Femtonics motorized tilting objective:

  • The high-precision movements of the units can be leveraged to perform fine adjustment of the position and alignment, without touching the assembly.
  • Optical axis of the integrated optical elements is aligned by the handwheel-operated multi-axis positioning of the Smart microscope/grin lens.
  • Lateral regions of the brain, even in non-human primates, can be imaged using the units.
  • Optimal angles and positions can be stored and reused while performing experiments several times with the same animal.
motorized tilting objective unit


  • Speed of rotation: 4°/second
  • 100° rotation around the vertical axis
  • 180° rotation around the horizontal axis
  • Transmission more than 80% (700–1100 or 900–1300 nm)
  • Unidirectional repeatability of less than 0.02 mrad (~2 µm)
  • Up to three mounted detectors can be used
  • Piezo-objective positioner module allows Z movement of 400 µm
  • Green illumination module
  • Compatible with traditional and large back aperture objectives


  • Z-stack acquisition can be quickly performed even from tilted position
  • Flexible objective positioning with high precision
  • Close-coupled detectors
  • High stability in all positions
  • Can be used for intravital imaging, in vivo experiments, and deep brain imaging in rodents or even non-human primates