Multi-Therapy Active Support Surface with Innovative Safety Features

Select Medical’s Pure Air 8 Acute is an all-in-one, multi-therapy active support surface.

Pure Air 8 Acute is incorporated with a self-regulating smart control unit that regulates enhanced levels of patient care at low pressures.

It is ideal for all patients, including those at high risk of pressure ulcers or who already have tissue damage.

A range of advanced safety features makes sure the surface fulfills different needs of the patients within ITU, community care, or ward settings.


The Pure Air 8 Acute has fully automatic pressure modification that instantly reacts to variations established by patient positioning and weight. This decreases the time Carers spend monitoring whether the pressure level is properly set. The Cared For can be confident that they are receiving the highest level of pressure relief at all times.

Four Operation Modes

Constant Low Pressure: Lowers the contact pressure by expanding the surface area over which the patient is supported. By contouring to the body shape, the patient is gently positioned onto the mattress.

Alternating: Alternate cells deflate and inflate over a preset time period, causing the pressure over any one part of the body to vary at regular intervals.

Pulsation: The surface creates tissue stimulus by alternately decreasing and increasing the cell pressure of the constant low-pressure mode by 20% in each direction.

Maximum Inflate: Rapidly inflates the cells to maximum pressure, thus offering a steady, static support surface to assist in nursing measures and patient transfers.

Zoned Surface

Static head cells offer better stability, comfort, and support for the Cared For.

Narrow heel cells offer better support for patients with a lower weight.

Safety Features

Patient Egress Alert: This alert can be switched on or off based on nursing requirements and delivers an audio-visual signal if the patient leaves the bed.

Constantly Inflated Sub-Cell: It helps to reduce the danger of the patient “bottoming out.”

Automatic Function Lockout: This feature automatically locks out all operations 2 minutes after a function change, to make sure that the buttons are not inadvertently clicked.

Power Failure and Low Pressure Alert: Visual and audible alerts make sure carers can react rapidly to keep patients safe in the event of a problem.

Features of Pure Air 8 Acute

  • Two cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy, full mattress replacement system
  • Depth of 8″ (20 cm)
  • Completely automatic pressure adjustment: instantly reacts to variations defined by patient positioning and weight
  • Zoned mattress system for ideal outcomes: narrow heel cells and static head cells
  • Alternating, pulsation, constant low pressure, and maximum inflate modes
  • Figure 8 cell construction, where the sub-cell remains inflated to minimize the risk of the patient “bottoming out” and offering a reliable supportive surface during a power cut
  • Patient egress alarm: mattress alarm alerts carer when patient weight is not detected on the mattress
  • Easy turn CPR for quick deflation
  • Dual compressor for rapid inflation
  • User-friendly transport function: just disconnect tube set
  • Visual weight indication display (for guidance only)
  • Comfort control setting to enable ideal comfort for individual patients without sacrificing performance
  • Welded, DARTEX multi-stretch vapour-permeable and waterproof cover with hidden zips
  • Auto-seat mode
  • Automatic function lockout
  • Low patient weight setting (<40 kg) to decrease internal cell pressures
  • Audible/visual low pressure and power failure alerts
  • Dual-sided attachment straps and anti-slip base to minimize the risk of movement
  • Cable management: lowers the risk of trip hazards
  • Optional 10/15/20-minutes cycle time
  • Three-year warranty (conditional on annual service)