The SP-X™ imaging and analysis system from Quanterix unleashes the power of next-generation Simoa® Planar Array technology for powerful detection of multiplex circulating biomarkers at the initial stages of disease progession, even at healthy baseline levels.

The Quanterix SP-X™ Imaging and Analysis System is a comprehensive benchtop system offering real multiplex detection at both baseline and acute levels. The system is the first-of-its-kind user-friendly platform that empowers oncology and immuno-oncology scientists and others who depend on multiplexing capabilities to enhance workflows, to accelerate their research, and to eventually speed up drug approvals.

Key Features of the Quanterix SP-X™

  • Minimizes non-specific background and ensures the 1000-fold concentration of assay signal
  • Integrates Simoa ultra-sensitive assay development and optimization with up to 10-plex multiplexing scale and versatility
  • Compact benchtop footprint that needs a space of only 11″, or 28 cm
  • Improved image analysis with exclusive acquisition algorithms and machine learning maximizes S/N ratio and dynamic range
  • Onboard high-resolution camera and tailored lens for ideal light collection without user modifications
  • Imaging time is less than 2.5 minutes per plate
  • Touch screen tablet interface
  • Maintenance or calibration is not required