Tecan’s NGS DreamPrep provides unparalleled precision and speed for automated library preparation and quantification. With the help of NGS DreamPrep, users can achieve quality-controlled, sequencing-ready NGS libraries in just a matter of hours with no sample loss and least or no manual interaction.

Walkaway automation for NGS library preparation

NGS DreamPrep integrates the Fluent® Automation Workstation, Infinite® F Nano+ plate reader and Tecan Genomics’ library preparation kits to offer sequencing-ready libraries with unparalleled speed and precision. This innovative technique provides quantification, normalization, preparation and pooling of NGS libraries in a single automated workflow.

Image Credit: Tecan

NGS DreamPrep reduces the need for manual intervention, thereby saving time and offering consistent, sequencing-ready libraries for an extensive range of research applications.

System highlights

  • DNA-Seq libraries all set to sequence within 4 hours
  • Walk-away solution with least manual interaction
  • mRNA-Seq libraries, measured and ready to sequence in one day
  • Single point of contact for consumables, reagents and automation
  • Complete library QC can be done in less than 6 minutes without sample loss

Workstation highlights

  • Magnetic separation available for bead clean-ups
  • On-deck thermocycling provided for longer walkaway runs
  • Method Approval Function guarantees compliance with validated protocols and SOPs
  • Parallel processing available with three task-specific arms optimizes throughput
  • Touchscreen-based user interface can be tailored to the requirement of users