AFM for Single Molecule, Polymer and Surface Imaging

The new NanoWizard® 3 NanoScience AFM is perfect for applications ranging from imaging single molecules, polymers, nanoparticles, and materials to electrical, optical, electrochemical and mechanical measurements in controlled environments.

The system comes with the QI™ mode - a new force curve based imaging mode for the most challenging of AFM samples - as a standard.

HyperDrive™ is the latest innovation in soft sample liquid imaging which provides sub nanometer lateral resolution with minimal tip-sample interactions.

JPK's broad range of environmental control options include, heating and cooling, controlled gas atmosphere (e.g. inert gas), aggressive liquids (solvents, acetone etc.), multi-channel liquid exchange, electrochemistry and humidity control.

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Key Features

  • Optimum imaging in air and liquid for single molecules, polymers and surface science
  • HyperDrive™ provides SuperResolution of soft samples in liquids
  • Expanded flexibility and modularity with the widest range of operation modes
  • Accessories for applications ranging from electrochemistry to organic electronics
  • New Vortis™ digital controller with built-in flexibility
  • Large sample size compatible by tip-scanning design
  • State-of-the-art single molecule force measurements and nanoindentation experiments with ExperimentPlanner™ and RampDesigner™