Neuro-MS/D from Neurosoft

New version of magnetic stimulator consists of several separate units, thus you can select the configuration required for you. We offer you several ready-made configuration variants that can be most conveniently applied for the practical use.

Main Unit

Main unit is the basis of any configuration. The main stimulator unit is intended for stimulator operation control and can be used as an independent device (if it is equipped
with coils). The front panel contains digital indicators displaying all parameters of stimulator operation and controls used to adjust stimulation parameters.

Cooling Unit

One of the problems of magnetic stimulator application is quick overheating of coils during the stimulation performing. In Neuro-MS/D this problem is solved with the use of special cooling unit and cooled coils. In fact, this is a tank with the cooling liquid, the pump running the cooling liquid through the coil and the fridge. The unit allows increasing continuous operation time up to 10 000 pulses without overheating. Actually, it means that stimulator can operate for a long time without overheating.

Expansion Unit

The expansion unit allows increasing the stimulation intensity by 40% and also perform paired and monophasic stimulation.

Extra Power Supply Unit

The main unit of the magnetic stimulator allows operating with up to 30 Hz frequency. However, the stimulator does not generate the maximal induction at 30 Hz frequency. It can be achieved only at 5 Hz (or less) frequency. Also there is a term “maximal effective stimulation frequency”. This term indicates the frequency at which transcranial magnetic stimulation can be performed and each pulse in series is higher than motor threshold for most people. For main unit it equals 10 Hz. The extra power supply unit makes it possible to increase this frequency twice (up to 20 Hz).