For over a decade New Brunswick CO2 incubators have provided researchers with a reliable, easy-to-use system for culturing cells. Continuing this tradition is the New Brunswick S41i CO2 incubator shaker, designed specifically for non-adherent cell culture applications. The S41i combines precise temperature and CO2 control with the best laboratory shaker available. The result: high cell yields and viability.

Like all New Brunswick CO2 incubators, the S41i is loaded with advanced features. A unique six-sided direct-heating profile provides gentle convection circulation of the chamber atmosphere for exceptionally uniform temperature control.

But what makes the S41i really special is the built-in New Brunswick shaker. Combining our advanced CO2 incubator and shaker technologies creates a highly stable environment for reliable cell growth. When it comes to high cell yields and viability, as well as overall reliability, you won't find a better solution.

Advanced features are built in, not added on

  • Fanless design eliminates a common source of repeated contamination and expensive HEPA filters
  • Sealed inner/outer doors and advanced PI control maintain temperature accuracy and uniformity while minimizing costly gas consumption
  • High temperature disinfection (HTD) protects against bacterial contamination
  • Unique InfraRed (IR) CO2 sensor offers specific measurement and accurate control of CO2 levels
  • 25 mm access port for adding instrumentation or additional probes
  • USB port for communication and external instrument logging
  • Can be used on the floor, under counter or double stacked to save space; ideally sized for a cell culture lab
  • Includes removable stainless steel humidity pans
  • Optional BioCommand® SFI software for remote and historical data logging and report generation