The Capel-205 is a new generation capillary electrophoresis (CE) system from Lumex Instruments, which can detect all classes of analytes in a variety of application areas. This CE system can be an excellent choice not only for R&D and low-scale analyses but also for the customers dealing with numerous samples every day.

Principle of Operation

High-performance capillary electrophoresis is based on the differential migration of components of aqueous samples inside a narrow fused silica capillary worked by an electric field. Separated solutes are quantitatively detected at the capillary outlet by a high-sensitive optical system based on direct or indirect UV absorbance.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive instrumental options

  • Extended autosampler capacity up to 59 positions allows testing numerous samples per months
  • Built-in unit for tube caps removal opens samples right before the analysis excluding cross-contamination and evaporation
  • New HV block offers voltage up to +/- 30 kV to increase separation efficiency and reduce analysis time
  • Redesigned capillary cassette with increased length of the thermostated part of the capillary improves migration time reproducibility
  • Spectra scanning enables peak identification
  • Wide range of controlled injection pressure allows testing of viscous samples
  • Reverse sample injection under vacuum: ultra-short analysis time (less than 1 minute) and sample stacking to reduce detection limit

Exclusive design of the capillary cassettes

  • Enlarged thermostatic part of the capillary enhances migration time reproducibility
  • Capillary can be easily changed within a few minutes
  • Optimized optical scheme decreases the detection limit

Precise liquid temperature control (± 0.1 °C)

  • Extended range of applied buffers and improved efficiency in separation

Robust software package Elforun

  • Real-time electropherogram visualization
  • Combination of instrument control, data acquisition, and data processing
  • GLP and GALP compliance
  • Electropherogram data processing with overlay mode and standard mathematical operations
  • Computation of electrophoresis system parameters
  • Wide-ranging data processing algorithm customization
  • All types of complex runs are possible including those with pre-programming of variations in analysis conditions
  • Customized report, data export to other programs, data exchanges with databases, worksheets, and word processors

Streaming potential control technique

  • Improving the repeatability of migration time and analysis accuracy
  • Possibility of overnight analyses

Analytical Characteristics


  • Capel-205 is fitted with a spectrophotometric detector with a wavelength range of 190 - 400 nm

Light source

  • Deuterium lamp


  • Standard centrifuge-type 1.5 ml, minimal sample volume 100 µl

Injection modes

  • Sample injections by vacuum, pressure, or electrokinetically
  • Electrokinetic injection at (+/-) 1 – 30 kV considering time for voltage ramping
  • Programmable injection time/pressure/voltage
  • Controlled pressure profile of injection with pressure values from -100 mbar to +100 mbar


  • Current from 0 to 300 µA
  • Using a voltage from -30 kV to +30 kV in a 1 kV step and an electronic polarity switch

Equipment and Options

  • Capillary electrophoresis system Capel-205
  • Elforun software package
  • Spare capillary cassettes
  • Kits for analysis (by request); the majority of CE-kits of any producers match with Capel-205
Capillary electrophoresis system Capel-205 by Lumex Instruments