Newport's Calcium Fluoride Material-Based FT-IR Scanner

For a flexible, high performance FT-IR at an economical price, Oriel Instruments offers the 80351 model. This scanner is at the heart of the MIR8035™ product family, which is designed for both routine analytical measurements as well as non-traditional applications.

The modular design approach ensures the system is easily adaptable to changing needs – simply switch out the components. The 80351 is a Michelson interferometer utilizing a CaF2 beamsplitter and CaF2 windows. Mounting its retro-reflector and beam splitter together provides accurate alignment while desensitizing the system to vibrations and temperature fluctuations. This "unibody" approach to the beam splitter makes interchanging components easy, requiring only minimal realignment.

The 80351 includes MIRMat™, a sophisticated software package used to configure parameters, acquire and process data. The scanner’s software is customizable with Active X control, allowing users to create their own applications. The instrument comes with a laptop computer with the software pre-installed.

To complete the FT-IR system, Oriel offers a wide variety of IR sources, detectors and accessories for use with the 80351 scanner.

Part Number 27-20-070 can be offered as a replacement power supply for this model. Power cord sold separately and dependent on geographic location.

Technical Specifications


FT-IR Scanner

Detector Type

Calcium Fluoride

Responsivity Range

14,000 - 1,200 cm-1(0.7 - 8.3 µm)

Communication Interfaces



419.1 x 298.4 x 203.2 mm

Optical Axis Height

73.1 mm

Signal to Noise

1000:1 at 2500 cm-1, 4 cm-1 resolution, 1 scan sample/1 scan reference, using DTGS detector


38 mm  

Wavelength Accuracy

0.01 cm-1

Window Material



16.7 kg


0.5 cm-1