NuAire's Breeze NU-C2500V Ventilated Laboratory Microcentrifuge

Breeze Ventilated Laboratory Microcentrifuge is compact and efficient. Quick acceleration and deceleration reduce processing time. Efficient separation of protein samples and nucleic acids. Proper air cooling system keeps the rotor and samples close to ambient temperature with minimal noise.


Put this Breeze™ Ventilated microcentrifuge in your lab for daily protocols involving pelleting of DNA, proteins, and other molecular samples. Its small size, ease of operation and quick processing make it suitable for use at individual workstations.


Simple to Operate

Operate this microcentrifuge with the large control knob, and scan parameters on the LCD. Time processing is accomplished by the digital timer.

Multi-Flow Air Cooling

This microcentrifuge's ventilation system disburses air friction inside the bowl to maintain ambient temperatures during operation and prevent heat buildup.

Imbalance Detection

Prevent unbalanced loading with the imbalance detection function on this microcentrifuge. It displays an alert when the tubes are not inserted symmetrically in the rotor holes or the volume of liquid in each tube is not the same.

Quick Acceleration and Deceleration

Rely on the rapid acceleration (13 seconds) and deceleration (16 seconds) to save time during processing.


Small Footprint

This microcentrifuge, which measures 9.25 inches wide x 13.8 inches deep x 7.48 inches (235 x 351 x 190 mm), comfortably onto a small bench top.

Brushless Motor

The brushless motor supports speeds up to 15,000 rpm/21,200 xg and requires no routine maintenance. The combination of a brushless motor and multi-flow ventilator provides quiet, low-vibration operation.

Built for Microtube Applications

Depend on this Breeze™ microcentrifuge for all your microtube applications. The rotor has a capacity of 24 standard 1.5-2.0 ml conical and skirted tubes, and the snap-on lid has space for tube-top microfilters.

Various non-standard applications can be accommodated with additional adapters for smaller tubes, and a rotor top StripSpin adapter for standard eight-tube PCR strips is also available.