The Glacier™ NU-9668 Upright 23.5 ft3 (668 L) Capacity Ultralow Temperature Laboratory Freezer creates optimal storage conditions for the preservation of your research through reliable long lasting control systems.


The Glacier™ NU-9668 Upright -86 °C Ultra Low Freezer is a freezer designed to preserve research specimens in a laboratory or hospital setting. Built with environmental friendliness in mind, this large capacity ultra low freezer is equipped with several dependable safety features to protect the products inside. This Glacier™ NU-9668 was also designed ergonomically, making it easy and comfortable for technicians to work in the lab.

Dependable, Safe Storage

Reliable Operation

The purpose of an ultra low freezer is to preserve and maintain research or biological specimens for an extended time. The Glacier™ NU-9668 is designed for reliable operation, ensuring that the products you put within remain at a safe and dependable temperature. The freezer cools its compressors with its built-in refrigeration system, which means they can run longer and provide superior temperature uniformity.

Temperature Recovery

The temperature management system within the Glacier™ NU-9668 offers excellent and rapid temperature recovery, ensuring temperature uniformity while your products are being stored.

To help with temperature management, the ultra low freezer has an inner chamber that is surrounded by insulation on all sides, two insulated inner doors and a multiple-point gasket system, which locks in cold temperatures and keeps out air from the lab.

Alarm and Backup Systems

The Glacier™ NU-9668 freezer has a reliable, extensive alarm and optional backup system, to ensure that your products stay monitored and safe. The alarms on the ultra low freezer include both visible and audible alarms for:

  • High temperature
  • Low temperature
  • Sensor failure
  • Battery life
  • Fan motor life
  • Power failure
  • Open door

The freezer can also have a CO2 back-up system installed, should the freezer experience a failure. In the event of a power failure, the battery backup will power electronics and alarm systems.

Designed for Convenience

Large Capacity

The Glacier™ NU-9668 freezer is designed with a large capacity, which means you can conveniently store many samples within the same freezer all at once. The large size also makes it easy to place and remove items in the freezer without jostling delicate specimens and samples.

Eye Level Controls

The Glacier™ NU-9668 ultra low freezer is intended to help create an ergonomically friendly work environment in the lab. The controls to operate the Glacier™ NU-9668 freezer are located at eye-level, which ensures that the freezer is easy and comfortable for lab technicians to use.