Model NU-C300V is a general purpose benchtop centrifuge used in scientific and medical research featuring touchscreen controls to simplify operation and digitize your protocol list.


NuWind model NU-C300V is a 3-liter capacity ventilated bench top general purpose centrifuge designed to provide a safe and reliable solution to separate liquids based on density in a small footprint.


Max Speed

RPM 10,700
RCF 13,000 xg

Capacity Highlights

Total Capacity 4 x 750 ml

Volume 1.5/2 ml 5/7 ml 10 ml 15 ml 50 ml
Tube Shape Microtube Round Round Conical Conical
Quantity / Insert 54 27 21 14 6
Quantity / Rotor 216 108 84 56 24


Insight Electronic Control System (ECS)

A color touchscreen uses easily identifiable icons to control system parameters.

  • Store up to 100 programs with title description (QWERTY Keyboard)
  • Service and Maintenance Reminders
  • Set Timer
  • Set speed in RPM or RCF
  • Set and chose from 9 Acceleration Slopes, 10 Braking Slopes
  • Timer start upon start or when setpoint speed has been reached
  • Audile (Programmable On/Off) and visual alarm upon run completion Centrifuge usage log

Power Factor Control (PFC)

Get the same results time and time again. PFC provides consistent power to the centrifuge compensating for voltage spikes resulting in consistent sample separations.

ClickSpin Rapid Rotor Exchange

Change from one application to another within seconds and/or help create a culture defined by SOP’s to clean your centrifuge with minimal downtime. A twist of the red dial on the centrifuge rotor unlocks the rotor from the shaft with an audible “CLICK” notifying the laboratory technician the rotor is safe to remove. To install a rotor, the end user aligns the rotor with the rotor shaft and with a gentle push down a “CLICK” can be heard notifying the rotor is securely locked into position.

First Air Ventilation System

To cool the chamber, air is drawn into the front of the centrifuge by the vacuum created by the spinning rotor. The air inside the chamber is exhausted out the back of the centrifuge separating the ambient laboratory air temperature from the heated exhausted air. Also, the vacuum pulls air through the motor cavity cooling the motor extending product life.


Rotor Recognition

Swing-out and angled rotors are recognized the by the centrifuge so they cannot go over their intended speed.

Imbalance Detection

Safety operate the centrifuge knowing any imbalance within the centrifuge will cease operation. Imbalance detection is a programmable feature providing the ability to tighten or loosen tolerance settings based on results your expect.

Motorized Auto Lid Lock

An automatic lid locking mechanism takes minimal force to close and creates an airtight seal. The chamber can only be accessed by pushing the lid unlock button when the rotor has ceased moving.

Robust Steel Wall

The exterior of the centrifuge is constructed from a thick piece of steel that is bent to create the walls of the product. The impenetrable wall allows for the chamber bowl to be placed closer to the exterior wall helping to shrink its footpring without sacrificing safety. The robust wall creates an additional line of safety in case of the worst-case scenario.

Standard Features

  • InSight Electronic Control System
  • Programmable Imbalance Detection
  • Rotor Recognition
  • First Air Ventilation System
  • Power Factor Control
  • Automatic Lid Locking/Opening
  • Manual Lid Unlock
  • RS232 Connection Port
  • Power Cord


Centrifuge Type Bench Top
Electrical Configuration 120 V, 60 Hz
Maximum Capacity 4 x 750 ml
Maximum RCF 13,000 xg
Maximum Speed 10,700 rpm
Speed Control Precision ± 10 rpm
Total Power Consumed 1000 Watt
Dissipated Heat 3413 BTU/h
Temperature Control Ventilated
Imbalance Detection Sensor Yes
Motorized Lid Lock Yes
Rotor Speed Control Yes
Control System Microprocessor
Acceleration Slopes 9
Braking Slopes 10
Maximum Sound Level ≤ 61 dba
Number of Programs 99
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) 14.6 x 19.7 x 26 inches (370 x 500 x 660 mm)
Net Weight 180 lbs / 82 kg