NuWind Centrifuges offer larger capacity in a smaller footprint. The ability to change rotors within seconds allows for multi-application use in cell culture, bioproduction, blood separation, microbiology and more.


The NuWind™ General Purpose Bench Top 2 Liter Refrigerated Centrifuge is benchtop refrigerated centrifuge that can be used for the separation of substances at different densities that are held in suspension or emulsion in a liquid. It is designed to maximize productivity in the laboratory since it only takes up a minimal amount of space. The NuWind™ centrifuge offers precise temperature control and uses CFC-free refrigerant.

Convenience Features


The NuWind™ General Purpose Bench Top 2 Liter Refrigerated Centrifuge was designed with ClickSpin technology, which allows for easy changing of rotors -- no tools needed. To change a rotor with ClickSpin, just align the rotor with the motor shaft, and you will hear an audible “Click” as it locks itself into place. Unlocking a rotor is as simple as twisting the red dial on top of the rotor. An audible “Click” will let you now the rotor has been released.

InSight™ Electronic Control Center

For easy operation of the centrifuge, the NuWind™ 2 Liter has the InSight™ Electronic Control Center, a plug-and-play control center that is operated via the touch screen. Lab technicians can use the InSight™ Electronic Control Center to control 100 programs, read service reminders, keep a logbook of accessories, and more.

Small Footprint, Big Capacity

While this centrifuge sits on top of a lab bench, it does not take up much space. This model offers the largest capacity in its footprint, and it reaches the highest speeds on the market.

End of Run Notification

When a centrifuge run is done, the model displays an end-of-cycle light for visual notification that the cycle has completed.

Temperature Control and Refrigeration

This model of NuWind™ centrifuge offers refrigeration for products inside. It is also designed to provide precise temperature control, to ensure maximum performance and product protection.

Safety Features

Rotor Recognition

The bench top centrifuge has rotor recognition technology that allows it to recognize which rotor is installed and ensure that the rotor does not achieve any speed over its intended use.

Imbalance Protection

The NuWind™ 2 Liter centrifuge is outfitted with imbalance protection technology, which can detect whether samples are loaded and balanced. It will stop the rotor if a high level of vibrations is detected.

Power Factor Control

The bench top centrifuge has Power Factor Control, which allows uniform voltage and amperage to be supplied to the motor. This means you can quickly repeat the quality of your centrifugation.

Auto Lid Lock

The lid of the NuWind™ centrifuge is easy to close and automatically locks through a fastening system. The lid cannot be opened while the centrifuge is in operation and the rotor has come to a halt ensuring lab safety.


  • 5 Year Parts and Labor (United States and Canada)
  • 4 Year Parts (Global)

Stanard Features

  • InSight Electronic Control System (ECS)
  • 100 Programs with Title
  • ClickSpin™ Compliant Rotor Shaft
  • Rotor Recognition
  • Energy Efficient Motor
  • Power Factor Control
  • End of Run Notification
  • Imbalance Detection
  • Automatic Locking Lid
  • Safety Wall Design
  • Refrigeration System
  • RS232 Connection
  • Manual Lid Unlock
  • Power Cord