Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are caused by microorganisms passed on by sexual behavior.

The symptom and signs include abnormal penis discharge, vaginal secretions, pelvic pain, genital ulceration, etc. Some STDs can result in serious fertility problems.

This kit has been made for the qualitative detection of four sexually transmitting bacteria: Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (NG), Chlamydia Trachomatis (CT), Ureaplasma Urealyticum (UU), and Ureaplasma Parvum (UP) by a Real-time Reverse Chain Reaction (Real-time PCR) method. It can help to quickly and efficiently test and treat STDs.


Simplify laboratory workflow

  • Differential diagnostics of the four most significant STI pathogens could be carried out in a single run, 4-in-1 test for Chlamydia Trachomatis (CT)/Ureaplasma Parvum (UP)/Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (NG)/Ureaplasma Urealyticum (UU).

Internal control

  • The usage of the internal control system present in the kit could efficiently help avoid false negative outcomes.


  • Extensively applicable in instruments with HEX/VIC, FAM, Cy5 channels

High precision

  • The coefficient of variation of the Ct values (CV%) is ≦5%

Product information

Source: Xi'an Tianlong Science & Technology Co., Ltd

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Product Name Chlamydia Trachomatis (CT)/ Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (NG)/Ureaplasma Urealyticum (UU)/ Ureaplasma Parvum (UP) Nucleic Acid Multiplex Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method)
Cat.No P132H
Specification 50T/Kit
Sensitivity 500 CFU/mL
pecimen Male urethra swabs or female cervix uteri swabs
Storage & Validity  -25 ℃~-15 ℃ for 12 months
Applicable Equipment Instruments with FAM, HEX/VIC, Cy5 channels such as Applied Biosystems™ 7500 Real-Time PCR Systems and Tianlong Gentier Real-time PCR Systems
Certificate Research use only