Omnifit EON Femoral Stem from Stryker

With Stryker’s many decades of performance and clinical success on which to build, the Omnifit EON femoral stem is designed to offer intelligent design features, proportional stem size choices, and optimal component strength, which create an excellent cemented implant. 

Features & Benefits

  • Increased Head Offset: Offset options are available in both 132-degree and 127-degree neck angles. Joint stability may be achieved without lengthening the leg. These options help to enable proper restoration of joint kinematics.
  • Proportional Neck Lengths: Proportional neck lengths, relative to body geometry, grow proportionally in size to accommodate a wide patient population, using a standard femoral head.
  • Dual Wedge Design: Addresses shear load at the stem cemented interface and increases rotational stability of the stem in the cement. The distal groove design helps to  further enhance rotational stability.