The Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers from OHAUS include eight orbital shakers that provide flexibility, and a wide range of capacities to maximize sample processing.

The Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers have been engineered to manage an extensive range of applications regardless of the difficulty level of the task. The shakers are convenient to use and robust, thus enabling consistent orbital shaking action.

The Shakers are available as digital models that allow accurate speed control for applications necessitating repeatable results. They are also available as non-digital models, which are a cost-effective alternative.

In total, eight models are available with load capacities from 16 to 68 kg, thus enabling users to maximize efficiency and throughput in their laboratory.

Features of Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

All models of the Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers are ready for use in the users’ lab. This is because they are equipped with a tray and rubber mat, and can be customized with more than 70 accessory options.

Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

Users can rely on the unique Accu-Drive shaking system of digital shakers for outstanding accuracy, durability, and speed control. A maintenance-free motor is provided in all the models for long-term use.

Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

The speed is gradually increased to the set-point by the optimal speed ramping feature, which prevents splashing, thus protecting the samples. Unbalanced conditions are detected by the load sensor, which then automatically reduces the speed to a safe value.

Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers Product Details

Applications — Bacteria and yeast cultures and suspensions, cell cultures, immunoassays, solubility studies, blotting techniques, extractions, protein studies, and staining/destaining

Display — Independent speed/time LED displays enable the operator to observe both settings at the same time. Control knobs including dial markings (analog models) are available

Operation — Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (incorporated)

Communication — RS232 interface offers two-way communication for unit control and data logging (digital models)

Construction — Cold rolled steel (CRS)

Design Features — Integrated tray measuring 28 x 33 cm (or 11 x 13 inches) includes a non-slip rubber mat (incorporated)

OHAUS Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker (EN)