Orion II Microplate Luminometer from Titertek-Berthold

The outstanding sensitivity of Orion II is the result of the unique design, advanced engineering, and high quality workmanship. All functions of the Orion II are seamlessly integrated to render superior, user-friendly performance. The detector is operated in photon counting mode, which guarantees the lowest signal background for unsurpassed signal to noise ratio and the highest linearity. The plate adjustment mechanism automatically compensates for variations in microplate size. The built-in safety circuit protects the detector from potential damage resulting from accidental exposure to high levels of light. In addition, a warning is produced should a sample ever exceed measurement range.


  • Easy access to the wet system
  • Easy upgrade with additional injectors
  • Low dead volume (450 µl)
  • Dedicated luminescence software functions (single, dual, kinetics)
  • Built-in shaking
  • Temperature control (42/50°C)
  • Fast throughput through simultaneous injection
  • Quick & unlimited flexibility of assay setup
  • Robot compatible


  • Reporter Gene Assays including Dual-Reporter Assays
  • ATP Assays
  • Kinase activity Assays
  • Cell Proliferation, Cytotoxicity and Biomass Assays, Apoptosis Assays
  • Nucleid Acid Probe Assays
  • Calcium Measurements and Aequorin-based Assays
  • Luminescent Immunoassays (LIA)
  • Cellular Luminescence
  • Environmental Toxicity and Mutagenicity Assays