PMA-20 Photonic Multichannel Analyzer from Hamamatsu Photonics

The High-speed photonic multichannel analyzer PMA-20 measures spectral change of emission, absorption and reflection with high sensitivity 100 us temporal resolution. The PMA-20 is capable of measuring a wide spectrum range from 200 nm to 950 nm with high wavelength resolution within 3 nm. Using an optional fiber for light collection, spectrum can be obtained easily by directing the fiber close to the sample. As the wavelength axis and the spectral response characteristic are calibrated at the factory, spectral measurements can be carried out easily and accurately.


  • Single shot spectrum measurement with 100 μs temporal resolution
  • A compact unit with a spectrometer, a photodetector and a power supply
  • High speed integration
  • Easy measurements by optical fiber
  • Factory calibrated spectral response and wavelength axis characteristics


  • Time resolved spectrum measurement for emission
  • Chemical reaction tracking with a stopped-flow method
  • Protein interaction analysis with absorption spectrum
  • Photo physics and laser spectroscopy with submillisecond temporal resolution

Measurement Examples

  • Absorption spectrum measurement of BTB solution (pH indicator)
  • Spectrum change measurement with stopped-flow method
  • Phosphorescence measurement


Type number



BT-CCD linear image sensor


200 nm to 950 nm

Number of photosensitive device channels

2048 ch

Pixel size

12 μm to 972 μm

Readout noise

100 electrons

Dark current

100 electrons/scan (25°C: 100 μs)

Exposure time

100 μs to 1 s

AD resolution

12 bit


Czerny-Turner type

F value


Wavelength resolution

3 nm

Fiber type

Quartz fiber

Fiber length

1.5 m


Camera Link

Power supply

AC100 V to AC240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz