PatchManTM NP 2 Micromanipulator from Eppendorf

PatchMan NP 2 is an easy-to-use basic micromanipulator for a broad range of applications that require precise positioning and smooth, continuous movement. It is especially suited for the injection of small organisms and early-stage embryos. Loaded with features for delicate and convenient microinjection, the PatchMan NP 2 easily handles the tips and ensures a high survival rate of the embryos after injection has occurred.

The device can be installed on both inverted and stereo microscopes (an optional universal stand is available), and the direct adapter attachment on the unit may be conveniently positioned at left or right.


  • Integrated coarse and fine manipulator with dynamic joystick control
  • Large work range of 20 mm per axis
  • Three different speed ranges on the press of a button, easy adjustment by turning dial
  • Combination of X and Z axis for axial movement
  • Rapid change of microcapillaries by storing the work position and automated home function