Performing Organic and Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry Quicker with the Discover SP


The Discover SP is a powerful microwave synthesizer for carrying out a huge variety of organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry. It has a best-in-class 300 mL single-mode microwave cavity, which allows for extremely flexible reaction vessel sizes, in both open vessel and pressurized modes.


  • Variable speed magnetic stirring
  • Highly accurate infrared (IR) temperature control for reliable data
  • Large, single-mode microwave cavity (uses glassware up to 80 mL, pressurized; 125 mL, open vessel round bottom flask)
  • Rapid compressed air cooling for quick cool-downs
  • Widest range of accessories available
  • Activent® vent and re-seal technology allows for safe handling of over-pressurization

Microwave Synthesis

Using the Discover SP, temperatures up to 300 °C can be attained safely within minutes. The higher the temperature, the faster the reaction. This means that most microwave reactions are complete in as little as 10 minutes, instead of 8 hours or overnight with convective heating.