Performing Peptide Cleavage with the Razor

Cleave as Quickly as You Purify

It is not possible to get faster analytical results. Microcleavage in as little as 2 minutes offers mass spectrometry level confidence that expensive amino acids and scale up syntheses are coupled completely. Full cleavage after peptide synthesis in 30 minutes or less accelerates the purification work flow of your laboratory. Access purified peptides quicker than any other technique.

A Smarter Way of Doing Peptide Cleavage

You can get increased peptide purity with the advantages of precision heated reactions. Now you can cleave up to 12 peptides, at the same time, with more reliability than any other method, in 30 minutes or less. This is high throughput cleavage.

Protect Your Automated Peptide Synthesizer

Stay working around the clock despite harsh cleavage reagents and scavengers that can result in wear on your automated peptide synthesizer. Disposable vessels make clean up easy and ensure integrity of peptide purity. Razor’s simple design does not include a complicated valve block system, which would require expensive, technician only maintenance.

Achieve Better Purity Peptides from a More Complete Cleavage

Heat speeds up the removal of all protecting groups, even difficult ones. With the Razor, there’s no need to wonder if all the Pbf is off of your peptide it’s guaranteed. The increased temperature promotes molecular motion, giving cleavage and scavenging reagents access to hydrophobic regions and sterically hindered portions of long peptides. This permits an optimized workflow after automated peptide synthesis, especially when using a rapid automated microwave peptide synthesizer.