Photopette Device from TIP Biosystems

Introducing Photopette®

The Photopette® device is a fast, accurate and economically priced fixed wavelengths handheld spectrophotometer universally used in life-sciences, environmental surveillance, food & beverages, and the chemical industry to measure concentrations in liquid samples.

The Photopette® personal photometer offers the convenience, performance and seamless integration with cloud, web and mobile computing expected from contemporary devices and applications, saving users precious sample and time, whilst still producing precise and accurate results.

The device enables users to dramatically improve the workflow and increase productivity through speed and portability.

Key Features

High Speed

  • Ultra-fast measurements (less than 2 seconds for each measurement)
  • Immediate sampling, no device warm up required
  • Intuitive exportation of results via email
  • Instant on-spot quantification of nucleic acids, proteins, cells density and many more

Optical System

  • Patented optical system
  • Measurement precision ±0.02 AU
  • >500,000 measurements per wavelength
  • Low energy consumption (25,000+ measurements per charge)
  • No maintenance or lamp change required

Simple and Safe

  • Handheld with small footprint
  • Ergonomic
  • Disposable CuveTip® (no cross-contamination)
  • No transfer or transport of sample
  • Fast and simple to use, no training required

Advanced Software Application

  • Geo tagging, photo, notes, date and time embedded in data file
  • Real-Time data sharing
  • Send measurement data instantly or link to cloud storage
  • Automatic software and firmware updates

Photopette® Workflow

Optical System

The Photopette® optical system is a multicomponent, ultra fast handheld device that integrates a photodiode detector with light emitting diodes (LEDs). It also has an in-build “environmental light correction” and can be used in the lab environment and outdoor without shielding environmental light from the sample.

Within the Photopette®, a light emission fiber transmits light from the LEDs to the CuveTip® and a light collection fiber collects light from the CuveTip® to the detector.

The injection moulded CuveTip® is coated with a mirror coating to reflect the light back through the sample. The curvature of this mirror surface, located at the very end of the measurement tip, is optimized to reflect most of the light back into the collecting optical fiber through which the signal is transmitted to the photodiode detector.


A dual-purpose disposable reflective tip was designed to act as a sample holder and a light-reflecting system, which is in stark contrast to the operation of mainstream spectrophotometers and photometers. Small volume analytes may be measured with low sample loss and no sample transfer using this proprietary CuveTip®.

A minimum volume of 40 μl is required to fill the cavity of the CuveTip®. This volume is recovered after the measurement.