Portable Multi-Parameter Water Analysis Meters

The Starter 400M multi-parameter portable water analysis meters offered by OHAUS are durable, battery-operated, waterproof units optimized for field-testing.

The rugged and lightweight units with waterproof housing are suitable for testing TDS, pH, resistivity, salinity, and conductivity in wet settings. Several hours of trouble-free testing in the field are ensured by a rechargeable lithium battery.

An easy-to-view liquid crystal display (LCD) and intuitive software enable easy operation, and an integrated USB port allows data to be transferred easily.

Features of the Starter 400M pH and Conductivity Portable Meters

Starter 400M pH

The Starter 400M meters are designed with IP67 waterproof housing, and include IP67 probes and a rubber cover. Thus, the meters are suitable for extended use in any field setting.

Starter 400M pH

A rechargeable lithium battery offers 40 hours of continuous operation, and over 300 charge cycles. This means batteries do not have to be changed frequently.

Starter 400M pH

The ST400M meters include intuitive software that guides users through the operation. The large LCD clearly displays all the required data (for example, electrode condition) to run the tests effectively.

Details of the Starter 400M pH and Conductivity Portable Product

Applications — TDS, pH, resistivity, conductivity, and salinity testing

Operation — Rechargeable lithium battery

Display — Backlit LCD

Design features — Data storage of up to 1000 items

Construction — IP67 probes, IP67 waterproof plastic housing, and rubber cover

Communication — Integrated micro-USB port

OHAUS Starter Series Water Analysis Meters (EN)